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Nice talking tips Elegantly - Motivational

Can you think for a second, please?

A person about whom you know nothing. Even you don’t know about his family, education etc. Nevertheless, after talking only two minutes, you can get a primary assumption about the person. You make a plan automatically in your mind about the way of behaving with him. Can you say the cause of this incredible matter? It happens because of his talking style and gesture. The talking style of a person represents himself. One of the most important elements of the outward beauty is talking smartly. The biggest part of your personality is the gesture and style of your talking. Maybe you are not beautiful, maybe you have limitations and maybe you are not physically complete. But only your smart talking style can make you the center of attraction cross over any of the limitations. The most positive sides of smart-talking are:

1. You will be confident, enthusiastic.
2. A good impression will grow for you in the eyes of others.
3. You will also be able to convince people easily.

If you want to be a successful person it is mandatory to have all these qualities in you. Now let’s see what will happen if someone fails to serve his speech smartly. We are presenting very few numbers from a big list.

1. Firstly, everyone will misunderstand you.
2. You will be frustrated, mentally disturbed
3. You will revolve in the circle of failure.

Actually, it is not like that talking nicely is very tough. You just need to be careful a little bit and at least for some days, you need to practice by filtering your speech while talking. Which one should you speak out and which one shouldn’t expose? Just think once, if this special quality of talking nicely can give you as many benefits can’t you try a little hard for the huge benefit. So let’s learn some tips right now on how to talk smartly.

Talk Elegantly Tips:

Firstly, you have to talk with a smiley face.
Can you say when does any person look most beautiful?
Yes, your assumption is right. This is the moment when he laughs.

Now imagine, whose shop would you prefer to go?

The one who always speaks with a smiley face or the other one with the dark face?
Or think once by closing your eyes which person does like most? You will find surprisingly that the smiling peoples have taken of your heart. So use the unbelievable god gifted quality. Never use negative words in regular or daily speeches. Because negative word creates frustrations and emptiness. One a couple had gone to a marriage counselor with some family problems. Marriage counselor comes to know by the discussion with them, everyday women tells his husband about regular shopping that there is no rice, no sugar, no fish, no vegetable (etc etc) in-house. By hearing these empty words continuously the gentleman has started feeling emptiness. Then the marriage counselor gave a suggestion to tell the same things in a little different but technical way. He suggested using want instead of saying empty. But if the women told the same speech on that way.  Need some rice, some sugar, need some fish. Then the family complexity would decrease. Because want or need” is more positive word than nothing or no or empty and also it creates resonance. So from today find the positive synonymy of the negative words. And porcine regularly the positive expression. Give up controversy. Controversy means to poltroon another party. You can never win any person’s heart by neglecting him. The intelligent person never goes through unnecessary controversy. Rather they use they their brain to skip controversy. We think that without showing little anger none will care for me. Or unnecessary screaming will reduce our value. But history gives the opposite evidence. So always avoid controversy reply to the mockery with a gentleman. Rabindranath received the Nobel prize for his Gitanjali poetry in 1913. Many of the westerners were not able to tolerate this. Once western asked Rabindranath that the book of Gitanjali has been great but who actually wrote it for you. Immediately came out of the intellectual response of the Great Poet, Before my answer will you please say, who has actually read you in the poem like put yourself once in the place of the Great poet Rabindranath. What would you answer? For that, use your intelligence to skip controversy instead of debating with the mocking and give intelligent answer of the mockery. Consider place, time person before starting the speech. George Bernard Shaw once told the audience when giving lectures in America, 50% of Americans are idiot. That is why the gathering started at the meeting place. Bernard, looking at this and said, 50% American are wise. That is why gathering came down in the meeting. It is very important that what are you saying and to whom are you talking at the time of speaking.

Say less, Listen more

The Creator gave us two ears and face. Therefore, you have to listen more and say less. So, be careful before speaking that when what or to whom are you saying.
Be more attentive to listening to that talking. Because a better audience than a good speaker attracts others. Remember that, wiser people speak but wiser people listen. Increase your vocabulary for any language you have to know enough words. You don’t have to worry that which word will come after any other word. The words we use in everyday life, you can open the dictionary and see its synonyms. Or you can find many words that we rarely use in common terms and apply it to the appropriate field. It will be as good as your words, and in the mind of the listener, you will develop a good sense about your knowledge.


The value of your speech can the quality of the right body language. Focus on your expression, standing or sitting posture, hand waving. The is no need to add anything excess. But try the gesture that conforms with the words. Many have the habit of handing over their shoulders while talking to others, or by repeatedly pushing them on their shoulders. If you have a habit of it, please refrain now.  Because your gesture will express your confidence.

Listen and Understand

Only you will say everything stuttering, it does not fall into smartness. Instead of listening to each and every person who you are talking to, smartness includes. When someone talks with you, look directly at her eyes if you have any problem to understand any speech they look at his lips and try to understand what he is saying. It is called ‘ leap reading ‘ which is used by people with low auditory power. Express your agreeableness by shaking hand or head to make him understand that you are listening to him very carefully. Listen carefully to somebody’s hearing and try to understand his questions. Because only you can give the right answer by hearing the questions correctly. This will reduce any misunderstanding.

Limitation and follow

Follow the radio or TV news presenters or any of your favorite actors. Or you favorite actor or any of your favorite whom you like most. Or you favorite actor or any of your favorite personality whom you like most. The type of speech that attracts you looks like you can talk like them to start from today, pretty speaking practice. In a short time, you will notice that you can talk smarty than previous. and becoming an attractive day by day slowly.

Thanks a lot for staying with us for this long time.


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